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    Teethers for Teething Babies and How to Choose the Best Teether for Your Baby

    Teethers for Teething Babies and How to Choose the Best Teether for Your Baby

    You've got a new addition to your family! I'm sure it's quite an exciting, yet stressful experience all at the same time! As there are many stages to a baby's growth and development, one that parents don't look forward to is.....teething! To help make sure that your baby is as comfortable and happy as possible during their teething period, it's important to choose the right teether. Fortunately, there are many different types of teethers available in the market today. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best teether for your baby:


    (Photo by Ali & Oli, featuring their Teether and Rattle)

    Look for teethers made of BPA-free materials. Plastic is one of the most common materials used for teethers, but make sure it is BPA-free so your baby does not ingest any harmful chemicals. Take a look at our vast selection of BPA-free teethers. We carefully select these to make sure that your baby is as safe as can be. 


    Consider teethers with different textures. Different textures can help soothe the gums of different teeth. Our Jedbaby Silicone and Wood Bunny Teether offers several textures that your baby can chew on- from wood, to silicone, ridged sides/curves, smooth sides/curves, and more. The pacifier clip also doubles as a teether because of these characteristics.


    Look for teethers that are easy to clean. A teether with crevices can be difficult to clean, so look for one that is simple to wash and won't harbor germs. These teethers are just that! You can run a sponge through, over, and around. 


     (Photo by Mushie, featuring their Mushie Ball Teether in Tradewinds)

    Choose a teether with a wide handle. This will make it easier for your baby to grasp and hold onto. Teethers with thin sides double as a part of the teether that is comfortable to chew on and easy for little hands to hold onto. We like round teethers for these purposes.


    Opt for brightly-colored teethers. Babies are naturally drawn to bright colors, so look for a teether that will capture your baby's attention. Bonus points for a teether that is a rattle as well! We have quite a few from Ali & Oli that are nicely textured with soothing sounds.

    We hope this helps you find the perfect teether for your little one! With time, patience, consistency, and a lot of drool…you and your little one will find comfort as this stage passes. Until the next blog, we hope your baby's teething stage passes.....very soon. 


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