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    Baby Registry Must-Have and Essential Items: What to Put on Your Baby Registry/Check-List!

    Baby Registry must-haves and essential items.

    Congratulations! You're having a baby! If you're a new parent or a parent who needs a little refresher as to what are some must have items for your new baby, this post is for you!

    Here are some essential items to consider adding to your baby registry:

    1. Diapers and Wipes

    Babies go through A LOT of this each and every day, especially newborns! I remember when my children were newborns, they would go though almost 10 diapers a day. So, you can never have too many diapers!

    Both of my sons when they were wearing diapers used Pampers Swaddlers. They did not like any other types or brands! We tried Huggies and the Costco brand, and they would always complained when using them. I guess every baby is different.

    2. Bottles, Nipples, and a Bottle Brush

    Bottles and nipples is one that you may want to have samples of since you really don't know which bottle and nipple your baby will like, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. For some reason, breastfeeding babies are usually picky with the kind of bottle or nipple that they use. Once you find the bottle that suits your baby's needs, you'll want to have enough bottles to cover all their mealtimes in a day. When I had stopped breastfeeding at 12 months, I used to have about 6 of the same bottles with each filled with breastmilk or formula. It was easy to grab out of the fridge, heat up, and feed. The bottles that I used for my kids were from Comotomo.

    3. Breast Pump

    (If you plan on breastfeeding) If you can get one that is handsfree as well, it will definitely help you multitask with baby or around the house. Breast pumps from Medela's are widely popular.

    4. Nursing Pillows

    Having one in the bedroom and one in the living room/family room is always great to have. I used to also have a travel breastfeeding pillow that I'd keep in my car for on the go.

    5. Crib, Crib Mattress, and Crib Bedding

    Blog Crib, Crib Mattress, and Crib Bedding

    I recommend a crib and a crib mattress that grows with your baby. As an example, my first son had a crib that transformed into a toddler bed, then later into a twin bed. His mattress also had two sides- one side suitable for a newborn until a year old and a second side that was for one year and up. Let's just say that this crib and mattress was one of the best gifts that we received since our first son used it until he was 6 years old!

    We got our wooden crib from Wayfair and it was passed down from my oldest son to my youngest. It was a really good quality bed.  

    6. Car Seat

    There are so many styles, varieties, brands out there. Whichever brand you choose, I always recommend installing it about a month before your baby arrives, then bringing it over to your local police station to get it inspected. You always want to make sure that your baby's seat is firmly in place.

    7. Stroller

    Finding one that you can easily fold and is light enough to lift with one hand is great!

    8. Baby Carrier or Wrap

    This is always essential to have when you don't have the time or energy to carry around your baby in their car seat. You're also more mobile when you have your baby closer to you, without worrying about the inconvenience of rolling around a stroller.

    9. Baby Bathtub and Bath Essentials

    Since you're unsure about your baby's skin, having a few samples or gift baskets with fragrance free bath essentials is a safer way to go.

    10. Changing Table or Changing Pad

    Having a designated place to change your baby's diaper is a must! If all you have is just your bed (which I had to do for my second baby), lay out or have ready a foldable changing pad (that's easy to clean) by that area. Having a foldable changing pad in the car is also important to have for diaper changes on the go.

    11. Baby Monitor

    This is an essential item to have so that you're able to step away from your baby for a bit when they nap.

    12. Swaddle Blankets

    There are so many swaddle blankets in the market these days! We carry a few swaddles in our shop that we think are stylish and of good quality. You can check them out here: Jedbaby's Swaddle Collection. You can choose to swaddle your baby by the folding technique (we learned this from the nurses at the hospital) or by using swaddle blankets that you just slip onto your baby for quick swaddling. Whichever one you choose, make sure you don't leave your baby unattended with a blanket while they're asleep.

    13. Baby Clothes in Different Sizes


    I recommend having a few newborn sizes of side-snapped tees which allows for quick diaper changes, are easy to slip on and off, and makes cleaning your baby's belly button a breeze! Why not check out our collection of Jedbaby's Organic Bodysuits.

    14. Burp Cloths

    Depending on how your baby feeds, you may need over a dozen of these! Make sure you find the ones that are absorbent and are 100% cotton. You can find some here

    15. Pacifiers
    If you find that your baby has a strong sucking reflex, a pacifier may be just what they need to soothe themselves. They're not too expensive either. We carry a wide selection of silicone pacifiers in our shop here.

    16. Teethers/Teething Toys

    No matter how young your baby is, this is a great toy to carry around since babies love to hold and place things in their mouth. Plus, some babies start teething before they're 4 months old! Our bunny teether includes a matching pacifier clip that you can use with the teether. Just clip it on to your baby's outfit and they will never drop it!

    17. Diaper Bag

    Finding one with several pockets and/or comes with packing cubes is a plus! Designate one area for each of your baby's on the go items.

    18. High Chair

    Look for an adjustable high chair and one with a tray that you can easily take on and off to rinse under the sink. Finding one that grows with your baby is also a great choice. For example, a high chair that transforms into a toddler seat.

    19. Bouncer or Swing

    Some babies are so prone to movement! My babies were and this is one item that we definitely loved. It keeps your baby's need for movement satisfied, while allowing you to multi-task around the house. Make sure that you don't leave your baby unattended while they're swinging, though.

    20. Playmat or Activity Gym

    Newborns need their tummy time! Having a play mat and an activity gym gives them a little bit of entertainment as they "exercise" their limbs. 

    21. Books and Toys

    Bitzy Bespoke Spiral Car Seat Activity Toy - Pastel

    I always recommend reading to your baby even before they're born. Once they've arrived, reading to your baby is vital to their brain's development. As far as toys go, having one that attaches to your baby's carrier is always helpful when you're with baby on the go. It gives them something to look at with wonder and to play with.  

    There you have it! Items to place on your baby registry. If this is your first baby, I always recommend going with neutral colors or themes to allow for the ease of reusing again in the future- whether it be for your second baby or on, to give away to a family member or a friend having a baby, or to donate to a local charity. Including items for yourself such as nursing pads or postpartum care products or services (i.e. a mommy massage or trip to a nail salon) are also some other things you can add onto your list of must haves!

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