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    Jungle Banana Push Pop Bubble

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    Product Description:
    • Fun Fact: Do you know that the banana is actually classified as a berry?
    • If you or your little one is a fan of bananas or jungle fruits, this popper toy is for you! 
    • The colors of the bananas are yellow and the stems are brown. What a perfect color combination which resembles the real thing!
    • Amazing pop - one soft and quiet side, one loud side. This is one popper that we're all loving! You have got to feel and hear it for yourself!
    • What a perfect gift for your child, or even for yourself!
    • Non-toxic and harmless to everyone.
    • Non-edible
    • Material: Silicone
    • Style: Banana
    • Age: +2 years old
    • Dimension: 8 (W) x 5 (H) inches
    • Package Includes: One Banana Fidget Toy
    Jungle Banana Push Pop Bubble

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