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    The 5 Best Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toys

    Jedbaby 5 Best Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toys Blog

    When we launched our online shop, Jedbaby, last year, we did not anticipate the popularity of these pop bubble sensory fidget toys amongst kids. These things were similar to bubble wraps that you see in shipping boxes, but are made of silicone, are safer, and in a toy format. We learned that it was the perfect sensory tool to occupy and distract oneself if getting bored. It gave our hands something to do when feeling anxious or when we just needed to fiddle around with something.

    When our oldest son was about 5 years old he would always want to move around and touch things with his hands. He needed to keep himself busy as it was difficult for him to stay still and to feel relaxed. Maybe it was just him being a kid, but once he started playing with these pop bubbles, he discovered a whole new world. These toys were the perfect tools in keeping him entertained while controlling his energy. 

    Many researchers believed that fidget toys can help with anxiety and reduce stress. An article from Forbes Health ( mentioned from Sue Varma M.D,. a board certified psychiatrist in New York City says that, "It gives people a place to park their mental worries. The rythmic sensation of any motion is a form of self soothing--like tapping your feet or shaking your leg". 

    So, when my son started to pop the bubbles on his fidgets, he felt calm, happy, and occupied. He said it was like playing with any other toy, but in a more calming way. We would sit together, sometimes in parallel, reading a book or watching TV popping the bubbles.

    Without further ado, here are our 5 Best Pop Bubble Fidget Toys right now:


    5. Cupcakes That Are So Colorful

    Pastel Cupcake Popper Fidget Toys

    Our first one on the list taking the #5 spot are these Cupcake Pop Bubbles. These look good enough to eat...but, unfortunately, you can't. They boast such vibrant colors, with textured imprints on each bubble, both front and back. Plus, they provide such nice popping sounds- there's one soft side and one loud side. Whenever you see embedded logos on the bubbles of these types of toys, it usually means that the quality is above the average pop bubbles that you see on the market. The silicone tends to be more tough, hence being able to support the logo imprints. These are also compact so it fits really well in your hands making it one of our favorites! 


    4. The 2 Player Big Soccer Field Gaming Board

    Big Soccer Board with Dice Fidget Toy

    Taking the #4 spot, this pop bubble comes with dice making it also a game meant for two or more players. You roll the dice, pop the number of bubbles on the dice starting from the center of the field, and repeat. The player who pushes all of their bubbles from the center circle to their goal wins! My son and I always bond while playing this game. It definitely helps alleviate our boredom and stress. It's really fun and a nice replacement to Monopoly that you can carry along anywhere! 


    3. Glitter Pineapple That Reminds You Of The Islands

    Glitter Pineapple Popper Fidget Toy

    I added this Glitter Pineapple to the #3 spot because my son loves this one so much. He said, "It looks super cool, with many bright colors and has a glitter look to it, and it pops really well." There's real glitter embedded throughout this pop bubble and looks very flossy! You can feel the glitter textures while pressing on each bubble. This is definitely something great, especially if you love glitter, but hate having it stuck on your fingers. This Glitter Pineapple is also a nice reminder of Hawaii for our son, which happens to be his favorite place.


    2. Orange Carrot With Bunny Ears

    Orange Carrot Popper Fidget Toy

    The carrot is our #2 favorite because it's compact, has cute bunny logos on the bubbles, looks just like a real carrot, and the quality is great. The shape is perfect for small to medium hands as you can hold it from the side and pop the bubbles with your thumbs. With the green leaf at the top, you can hold it with one hand and swing the carrot back and forth, which is another way to fidget!   

    One hand using my thumb to pop the bubbles...

    Orange Carrot Popper Fidget Toy


    1. The Classic Rainbow Round Shape

    Rainbow Round Circle Popper Fidget Toy

    This is truely our #1 favorite pop bubble! It's a classic because of the shape and because it just fits really well when you hold it with one or two hands. The rainbow colors from red to purple are so bright that you can't help but stare at it! We also use this pop bubble as a frisbee, throwing it around the house and the office! I have also officially replaced my drink coaster with this since it doesn't slip, it looks way better, and it absorbs the condensation really well! 

    My morning brew with my new favorite coaster...

    Rainbow Round Circle Popper Fidget Toy Coaster Replacement

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